Check these cold email examples from the sales teams at these top companies to produce responses that fill your pipeline.


Cold Outreach

Researched Outreach


Refer to some examples of outreach emails that leverage insights and personalization to gain a response.

Follow up & More...


Creative examples of other ways to follow up, ask for a referral and many other unique situations to improve your sales.

What else is in the eBook

The following Guide has example business outreach emails from some of the fastest growing companies [Salesloft, RJ Metrics, Hubspot,, Kiss Metrics and more]. 

Finding new ways to do outreach is an on-going process. These templates are meant for reference only. We recommend crafting your own original emails to ensure your own success.  

In the past 8-10 years the Predictable Revenue method of outreach has been growing in popularity due its to highly scalable and lower cost sales development. 

One of the challenges with implementing “Predictable Revenue” now is that your prospects have probably gotten 10-20  times some of its most common templates [“Point me in the right direction, Can you help me, etc]. 

Use the guide as both reference and inspiration but be original and create your own emails. Please let us know what you think of the guide.  

About the Author
I have built up 5 high performing Inside Sales teams that have built pipeline for SaaS Companies. The biggest questions we all have is what else can we say to get someone to respond. I hope this guide helps. 

Steven Wagner

Founder, Sales Ignition

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101 Sales Growth Emails

Get the actual emails that Fast Growing Companies like: Kissmetrics, Hubspot, Sales Loft, and many others use to build their pipeline. 

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